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Frontline workers at Bondi Beach Cottage

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull writes for Mamamia about his experience at Bondi Beach Cottage, a domestic violence help centre for women and children.

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25th November 2015  |  Comments  |  Blog

The Matthew Talbot Hostel: more than just a bed and a meal

The Matthew Talbot Hostel celebrates 50 years of helping Sydney’s homeless and is a wonderful example of how vision can transform a simple idea into something that changes lives.

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16th October 2015  |  Comments  |  Blog

Learning more about pathology at St Vincent’s

Pathologists are sometimes referred to as the doctors’ doctors and I found out more about them during a tour of SydPath at St Vincent’s Hospital today.

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26th August 2015  |  Comments  |  Blog

The Corporate Plan in Detail

The good news is that the NBN is powering ahead – with more than 1.2 million premises now able to order a service and 546,000 families and businesses already online as paying customers.

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24th August 2015  |  Comments  |  Blog

Blog: A Vote on Same Sex Marriage

Many of my constituents have written to me about the same sex marriage debate and so with the aim of clarifying some of the issues they have raised I have written this blog.

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16th August 2015  |  Comments  |  Blog

Domestic violence in Wentworth

Domestic violence is a real and serious issue in Wentworth and I am learning more about it so that I am better placed to advocate on behalf of victims.

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13th August 2015  |  Comments  |  Blog

Blog: 20 Years Too Long To Wait for Broadband Upgrades

The AFR has quoted Malcolm Rodrigues, from Singapore-based ‘MyRepublic’ as saying that the multi-technology mix will be a ‘shit’ network and that Australians should instead wait for up to 20 years for broadband upgrades.

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11th August 2015  |  Comments  |  Blog

Blog: Ensuring the NBN Satellite Revolutionises Life in the Bush

A story in The Weekend Australian stated that the National Broadband Network is ‘failing those who need it most: the bush folk who eke out a living from the hard plains of this country’.  This is not true and doesn’t take into account the significant work the nbn™ has undertaken both with the industry and other levels of Governments to deliver a service that will truly revolutionise life in the bush.

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3rd August 2015  |  Comments  |  Blog

New online copyright infringement research released

The Government has released new research on the levels of online copyright infringement in Australia and why people choose to download content illegally.

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22nd July 2015  |  Comments  |  Blog, Media Releases