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Address to the SA Division Liberal Party Budget Lunch - Adelaide

The state Labor Government has utterly failed the people of this state.

Our shipbuilding programme is the largest single investment by the Commonwealth in one state, in our history.

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16th May 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Address to the NSW Division Liberal Party Budget Lunch

With this budget we are making the right choice for better days ahead - we are doing so fairly, securing the essential services Australians need and giving them the opportunity to get ahead.

That is the beating heart of this budget - fairness, opportunity and security for all Australians.

The budget is the latest step in our plan to create more jobs and secure the vital services we rely on and ease the cost of living - all the while by living within our means and ensuring we don’t throw a mountain of debt onto the shoulders of our children and grandchildren.

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12th May 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Address at the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea Commemorative Dinner

And as we reflect on the Battle Coral Sea we are reminded of how the stability and prosperity of our region over so many decades has been secured and is secured today by the United States. A commitment to the peace stability, the rule of law in our region renewed by President Trump for which we thank you sir.
Each of our great nations defines its national identity, not by race or religion or ethnicity as so many others do, but by a commitment to shared political values, as timeless as they are inclusive - freedom, democracy and the rule of law.
Shared values. A shared destiny.

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5th May 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches, Transcripts

Remarks - Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience Official Reception

As Anzac Day approaches, we remember and honour the sacrifices that have kept us free.

A high price indeed paid for our freedom, paid in young lives lost far from home.

We do not glorify war - Anzac Day is not the anniversary of a great victory.

But it commemorates the triumph of the human spirit, the patriotism, the sacrifice, the courage, the endurance, the mateship.

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21st April 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Keynote address at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Breakfast

Australian jobs for Australians first. That must be the commitment, that must be the objective. That is our obligation.

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19th April 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Remarks at the launch of the Australia-India Sports Partnership - University of Mumbai, India

I’m pleased to launch the sports partnership between Australia and India.

On Monday, Prime Minister Modi and I witnessed the exchange of the Memorandum of Understanding on sports between our governments.

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12th April 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches, Transcripts

Address to the India Australia Business Dinner - Mumbai, India

We could not imagine the success of modern Australia, modern multicultural Australia without the contribution of half a million Indian Australians to our great nation.
Now, our two-way trade has doubled in the last decade to nearly $20 billion. It’s an impressive point but it is a fraction of what we should aspire to given the many points of intersection between our two economies. There has never been a better time than now for us to make that relationship stronger.
That is why tonight I am announcing that my Government is commissioning an India Economic Strategy.

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12th April 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Address to the National Defence College

Australian students have made the pilgrimage to study at the college almost every year dating back to 1966— among them, as Lieutenant General Mohan and I recollected earlier, Australia’s current Governor-General, General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

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11th April 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Keynote address at The Sydney Institute’s 2017 Annual Dinner

We are living in the most extraordinary time, the most exciting time in human history - with economic change unprecedented in its scale and in its pace.

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6th April 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches, Transcripts

Address to the China-Australia Cooperation on Economy and Trade Forum - Sydney

We have to remind our communities that trade creates jobs. It enables businesses to do more, to export more, to invest more. All of that opens up enormous opportunities.

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24th March 2017  |  Comments  |  Speeches